February 19, 2007


Yday I added one more day to my list of most memorable days. We had our Annual Get Together and we partied from 7 PM in the evng to 12 in the night. The event was named as Achievers Day 2007 paying tribute to the Company’s Achievers of 2006. The theme for the event was “Colours”. All were asked to come wearing colorful dresses. The party was preceded by a formal meeting where our Managing Directors addressed the attendees and gave away prizes to the achievers. Afterwards all the people were ushered into the party hall were DJ Ricky was waiting for them with loads of feet tapping music. As soon as the MD left the party, all the quiet stalwarts jumped into action. Rest was as u call it History. Dancing, Drinking, Singing, Games and the howling!!!!!!!!! :-)

All people right from the most senior people to the youngest members participated in the dance and games. The DJ was mixing the songs of all languages. There was Tamil, Hindi and English. These fast paced numbers and bottles of beer bought out some of the best dancing steps out of the people. It would have been a paradise for any Choreographer if he/she was present as they would have got some many new steps from the participants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The best part of the entire party was that the sense of togetherness that was reflected . It was enjoyed by one and all as no one was left out of the celebrations. At the end of the party as it happens with me at end of most of the good days, I felt sad that it was over :-(

Well but that’s life and I am sure there are more such parties and memorable days coming my way in future. But the experience which all of us had while arranging this event was really wonderful. The happiness increased two fold when we felt and saw the happiness and enjoyment in the faces of the attendees.

Well that’s it. I am leaving u with a picture of all the volunteers posing before the banner of the party just few hours before the party started and I should say it is one of the best pictures I have been in.