December 27, 2008

Childhood Memories

Well now since I back to solid ground after those mesmerizing and magical days when my marriage was fixed, I was just trying to recall some of the moments during these days. It was congratulations all around, right from my relatives to my colleagues in office. I have not received so many congratulations in my entire life. Maybe I may not also again, as this is such an important turning point of my life.

Well I will like to take my dear readers to a very small point which kept recurring amidst these congratulatory messages and celebrations i.e. talk about my childhood. The main talk amongst our family members was my acts during my childhood. They were describing the various pranks I played, the manner I spoke etc etc. This is the not the first time I am seeing this happen with people when their marriage is fixed. I have seen this happen with my other relatives as well.

Why does the topic of childhood crop up during this marriage time? It does not happen when a person passes his/her school or when he/she gets a job for the first time. Then why only marriage???? The only reason I can think of as I mentioned is maybe this is the most important point in a person’s life after his/her birth. The other things like studies; jobs etc are mere milestones in our lives whereas birth, marriage and parent hood are the major junctions in our life.

Well, this post is similar to my earlier one in the sense that I don’t have the answers with me. So if any one has them then please do let me know.