February 03, 2007

Thank You Everyone!!!!!

Yesterday was one of the most memorable days in my life. Though I have had many, I would like to add the 2nd of February, 2007 also amongst them. The reason is because this is the day when my CISA results were declared and I am happy that I have cleared (CA terminology for pass!!!) the exam. I am still not convinced that I have become a Certified Information Systems Auditor (well that’s what CISA stands for!!!!!!). I checked my result notification countless times at the internet cafĂ© (am stilling going through mail again and again!!!!!!!) as I wanted to make it sure that the result notification read “We are pleased to inform you that you successfully PASSED the exam with a total scaled score of 75”.The happiness that I experienced was so great that I am not able to express it. Sometimes u become so happy that u do not know how to express it.

This happiness is increased two fold when u feel the happiness of ur family members and friends on hearing this news. Though right now I am staying far away from my family, the feeling which I shared with my parents while delivering this news is something which I cannot explain. The relief and the happiness in the voice of my parents were celebrations enough for me. It gave me a feeling that yes I have done something to achieve my parents dreams. Parents have lots of dreams and ambitions for their children and it’s our duty to fulfill them. Though I had taken the decision to go for this course, I know the pain and tension which they have undergone and are still undergoing for my well being. I would also thank all my family members and friends who have shared this happiness with me.

Last but not the least; I shall never forget the role played by GOD in my passing the exam. Without his willing, I would not have been writing this post regarding clearing CISA. I thank him for blessing me. I would take the rains which drenched the city (a rare phenomenon in a desert) yesterday afternoon as a blessing from Almighty. I pray to him that he continues to bless me and lead me in the right path.

January 31, 2007


This is a picture that I took while I was traveling to Ras Al Khaimah, one of the 7 emirates of UAE. I was traveling through a road which was diagonally opposite to this road and as u c in the picture, the road is going downwards. Because of the distance I was not able to make out as to where the road was leading to. All I could understand was that it was sloping downwards. If u carefully observe the picture, the road under scrutiny has been laid on red soil. It is typical desert sand, slippery and smooth.

However I am not writing this post to describe that road. What I want to highlight is the importance which the Government of the country has given to the development of roads. Roads are a very important infrastructure of any country. They connect cities across the country, enable the movement of goods and commodities and indirectly facilitate the growth of the economy. The quality of the roads in UAE is excellent. The entire stretch of the road from Abu Dhabi till we reached RAK had no damage and the journey was really smooth. There was no need for the driver to slow down for any kind of bumps or dumps on the road. What needs to mentioned here is that the national highways are more frequented by heavy trucks which would mean more chances of wear and tear. I personally feel that one of the biggest contributor to the growth of this middle east country is the presence of such well maintained roads.

Our country has a long way to go when it comes to the quality of the road. Though there are few very good highways, expressways in the country this proportion is very small. Not only should the road connectivity be increased, the maintenance of the existing roads needs to be proper. The Golden Quadrilateral project by the erstwhile BJP government was a right step in this direction. It aimed at connecting the 4 regions in through a series of roads. However due to political reasons, the project has been stalled. Such stalling of projects will not help the country in its progress at a time when it is poised to grow.

Anyways I hope that more projects like Golden Quadrilateral are conceived and implemented.

January 28, 2007


After the last post in my blog, I was not able to select a topic for my next post. I was wondering what to write when I read a blog written by one of my friends. This friend is a new entrant to the blog business and had chosen to write about her favorite God in her very first blog. Then it struck me as to why not write about temples!!!!!!

In my short life I have been fortunate to visit many temples in South India. During most of my Vacations I used to visit temples outside Kerala along with my parents, Tirupati being the most favored destination. In those times, though i liked to go to temples I have always wondered why it that we go only to places where there are temples. Why not other places? Though I have not asked this question to my parents, now I feel I have got the answer to all those questions which kept creeping up in my childhood.

In my words Temple is a Hospital, School, Gym and last but not the least a Restaurant in one place. Readers please do not misunderstand me as I have used these words to explain a temple. I will be explaining how the features of the 4 are present in a temple!!!!!!!!!!

Most of the people come to the temple to express their sorrow/vows to the almighty and seek his blessings/ remedy from the misery they are undergoing. Each person having a darshan of the God comes out of the temple relieved and with the belief that God will take care of his/her problems. I am trying to compare God to a doctor who cures all of health problems. The sandal paste that we get from the temple can be compared to that of medicine. Sandalwood is said to possess medicinal values and has been proved scientifically to heal many ailments.

Each temple that we visit has something to tell us. It may be history which is depicted through its architecture or the place’s culture. Each temple is unique in itself. To mention a few temples whose architecture has greatly influenced me are

  • Tirupati -for its sheer size

  • Madurai Meenakshi -for its corridors and Gopurams

  • Rameshwaram- for it famous wells

There are scores of temples in India which depict the architecture of the period in which they were built.

From the point of view of the culture, its worth mentioning that in India each state has its own culture and it is reflected in the manner in which the temples are run. The temples in Kerala do not function in the same manner as that of Tamil Nadu or Karnataka. Similarly South Indian States have a totally different rituals at their temples compared to that of the North India. This is despite the fact that people worship the same gods/goddesses. What I meant to say was that temples are places where different cultures can be learned studied and understood.

Well its sounds a little modern and out of the way for a temple to be called a Gym!!!!!!! I agree, but friends have we ever thought that the “namaskarams” and “pradakshinas” that we put/make in a temple are an exercise in itself, though we don’t realize it. If u have noticed people who go to the temple regularly stay healthy and fit. One of the reasons may be due to what I have explained above.

Last but not least how can one forget the tasty “Prasadam” that we get from the temples. For Konkani’s the “samradhan” (a feast) is an event which he/she would not afford to miss. The temples in Karnataka offer food all day long. I personally have visited many temples in Karnataka and have been fortunate enough to have tasted the “prasadams” there. One particular temple which requires mention is the Annapoornaswari Temple in Dakshin Kannada district where as per the tradition no person, who comes searching for food, is sent back without offering the prasadam.

Well I think it is the lengthiest post I have written so far. For those ppl who are reading this sentence a sincere thanks for giving a patient reading.

More on temples will continue in my subsequent posts. Till then I pray that all the living things be happy and live peacefully.

`Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu'