January 25, 2007


Today’s page is dedicated to the nation.
Sometimes I wonder whether we are actually patriotic. As another Republic Day passes by what is it that we as Indians do to say we are patriotic? Is urging Indian Cricket team or any other national team patriotism? Is it because we are a democratic and secular country that we have so many reservations and communal riots? R we really patriots as we call ourselves? For non resident Indians, like me, it is even worse. We have left the country, for a better life, better pay, etc etc. What r v doing to contribute to our nation’s progress?

India was in the international news very recently as victims of “Racism”. Have we ever wondered why these remarks have been made? Why is it that in spite of being a country with over a billion population and abundant resources we have still got the image of a poor country?

In the film “Swades” Sharukh Khan stars in a very beautiful scene where he gives the reason why the country is not developing. Though the dialogues were from a movie, the content was realistic and I feel it is the most apt reason why we r labeled as a poor or developing country. In his dialogue, the actor says that we as Indians blame each other for whatever difficulties we face. The public blames the government authorities. The authorities blame the politicians, the politicians blame the public, etc etc and the blame game goes on. Actually who is to be blamed? The answer is we!!!! We have to examine what r we doing to improve the country. Are we not still throwing garbage on the roads, are we not still giving bribes to the authorities even though we curse them, r we not still searching for loopholes in the tax laws to evade tax?

Well I am not saying that these things can be changed overnight. But there has to be some way to change this. One of the best ways is to improve our education/ literacy levels. Knowledge would bring in enlightenment and the country would head in the right direction. There may be other ways also to lead the country to progress.

While traveling back to my place yday I heard on the Radio that Goldman Sachs, one of the leading consultants, has projected that India’s economy would be overtaking USA’s economy in a decade. So friends, everything is not as bleak as it seems. Whether the glorified Indian democracy,the 57th year of which we r celebrating tmrw, is really “by the people, of the people” and “FOR THE PEOPLE” is something which is preposterously in the hands of every fellow Indian. The onus of making this vision a reality in the near future is something which generations of future Indian diaspora would cherish, and there is no better day than tmrw to take a pledge to start changing those little things which could put India on top.

Jai Hind

January 21, 2007


Does mere thought of snakes run a chill down your spine? Well it’s not abnormal or strange as this is the same with millions of people across the globe. Last weekend (I mean Friday as this is the weekend in the gulf world) I had an opportunity to put a snake around my neck. Well it’s not any usage or saying but I meant each word literally. I have always been fascinated by snakes. The way they crawl, catch their prey, the swaying etc etc. However that does not mean I am a person of Steve Irwin mould!!!!!!!!!. I am equally afraid of snakes as all of u r, but I don’t mind the adventure if it is in risk mitigated or controlled conditions. By risk mitigated or controlled conditions I meant adventure with trained people present.

This is exactly that happened last weekend. I had visited the global village with my colleagues. Global Village is a huge exhibition conducted by the Dubai Government as a part of the annual Dubai Shopping Festival. The village hosts stalls of different countries. It was my second visit to the village this year. During my first visit, while roaming around, I had visited a stall which housed small wild animals and reptiles from the Amazon. Amongst them was a python. The person was holding the python in his hand and was letting people take photographs with the snake. At that time I did not take the risk. But this time I did not wish to lose the opportunity and went for it. My partner in this adventure was Vilas (my roommate whom I have referred to in my previous post on “silence”!!!!!!!!!). Vilas role in the adventure was to take photographs as he had made it clear that he would not be taking the risk.

The snake which I put on the neck was a lazy bone I guess as it hardly moved except once. Even before u knew, the photo was taken and the snake was taken off my neck. But the feeling of a snake around the neck was big and I can clearly remember that my mind was blank at that time. I was thinking of only the snake on my neck. Was it moving or not. Will it strangle me?????????

Anyways, to conclude I think the poor snake was not knowing what’s happening or it was too dazzled by the constant flash of the cameras!!!!!!!!!

Before I leave I am inserting the picture which has paved way for this post. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!