April 01, 2007

random thoughts

There r times when we r excited or worried abt something we tend to notice the thing wherever we go. Confused right? Well I am not able put it in any better words. But let me explain it using 2 situations one of excitement and other of depression.

Whenever u r planning to buy a valuable asset like a house or car a lot of planning goes into it like if it’s the house then the area or the structure etc etc or in case of a car it is the model, the colour etc. While u r planning this exciting purchase, I don’t know whether u have realized that, u tend to notice these things whenever u r out traveling. For eg if u have decided to buy a particular model of a car u will feel that most of the cars on the road are the one u r looking to buy.

Similar is the case with a person who is depressed. Now this is a situation which involves my friend. He is little upset abt as he has fractured his leg and is taking bed rest. As a result he is forced to walk on crutches whenever he moves. The situation is obviously depressing. Now this friend of mine is finding that whenever he is watching a television (which is the only visual contact with the outside world for the past 2 days) he sees ppl in situations similar to his i.e. ppl lying on beds with fracture or walking with crutches.

Now this got me thinking. Why is it that we c such things when v r excited or depressed. Well the only reason I can think of is that, these situations are always around us but when we r excited or depressed on a particular thing, we try to find out whether the same phenomenon is there elsewhere also. In short we end up concentrating and seeing only those situations around us and missing the other things happening around.

Well I think I have already confused u a lot and that too on April fools day!!!!!!!!!!! But believe me this is not any April fool prank. Just that I was not able to explain my thoughts properly. Well that’s all ppl. Do let me know if there is any other explanation to this.