July 07, 2007

People who influenced me!!!!!!!!!

Last week while returning from Dubai after work, me and my colleagues were spending time chatting. During this chat session, one of my colleagues was telling about some of the proverbs and persons who influenced his life. This got me thinking as to who all have influenced my life. I am putting down some of the people who have influenced me.

1. My Parents
Nothing to beat my parents!!!!!!!!! Whatever I am today, its because of my parents. They have really taken pains to raise me up and now as I look back at my childhood I realize the hardships they have undertaken to c me happy. My prayer to God is that I am always able to keep them happy.

2. My Grandfather
My mother’s father is whom I referring here. The characteristic that influenced me was his willingness to help others. I have seen him go to any extent to do a favour to another person, even if means angering his family!!!!!!!!! It’s a quality I feel is very rare in the present world.

3. My Economics Teacher
Now why I am influenced by this teacher, I don’t know to explain. I think to a great extent she was responsible for me becoming a CA. I clearly remember, she was the only teacher who congratulated me when I selected Commerce stream in 11th standard. All the other teachers actually asked me to select the science stream. Now looking back I wonder where I would have been if I had selected the science stream!!!!!!

4. My dear friend Vishnu
I am influenced by my friend’s strong mind. Despite undergoing a kidney transplant when he was only in 10th standard, he has recovered from this tremendous shock to become a successful professional. Now he is a partner in a CA firm. I still remember him dreaming to be an engineer (mechanical if my memory is right) during school days. For a person to recover from a shock, where all his dreams where shattered, that too in such an early stage of life is amazing.

5. My Colleague- Prashanth Veeramangala
What do I say of him, we call him Mangalamji affectionately. This person is a walking encyclopedia (if I can say that), a man with lots of energy, enthusiasm and of course short temper ness. What has impressed me about this person is that despite him being so experienced and knowledgeable, he has no qualms in interacting with us. Infact he has this amazing ability to change his style according to the group which enables him to gel with all people. Hats off to him!!!!!!!

Well there are many more people whom I have met and have influenced me, but I just put down 5 of them.

July 01, 2007

Chartered Accountants

Alphabets of Trust

2 simple alphabets that go well beyond professional status, to epitomize the finest tradition of ethics, transparency & accountability. Nurtured & trained at a hallowed institution that has kept the flag flying high for over 56 years- ICAI- four simple alphabets that stand for excellence, independence and integrity.

Yes, today we are celebrating the 56th Chartered Accountants Day. Well to be frank this is the first time that I have come to know abt this day!!! Anyways better late than ever!!!! It is while going through the CA journal (the monthly magazine for CA’s) that I came across full page ad, the words of which I have reproduced above. The sentences did actually made me proud of my achievement of being a CA. The statement has aptly brought out the importance of the Alphabets and the role of the CA Institute. So I thought why not pay tribute to the CA Institute in my small way by blogging my thoughts.

I have no doubt in my mind that the CA course phase was one of my best phase in life till now. It’s during the course that I made lots of friends, improved my skills and developed professionally. This course teaches all those who enroll in it, clear thinking, and loads & loads of patience :-) (those who have undertaken this course will surely vouch for that). It’s one of those or maybe the only course in which it is easy to enroll or get in but difficult to come through successfully.

The institute has recently launched a new logo for its members as a part of promoting the brand of the CA profession. the logo is given below:

Well to end, I would like to say my friends is that

I Adore my Profession
I Salute my Institute
I Respect my Council
I am proud to be a Chartered Accountant