March 03, 2007

Spiderman is Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well this is not the blog which an Acrophobic would like to read. Not that this post is against this phobia or am making fun of them but its about a “Spiderman scaling new heights” would remind them of unpleasant memories. Well u must have already have seen the picture, the person is Alain Robert nick named Spiderman for his passion for climbing tall buildings like the one in the picture.

The Spiderman scaled the 38 storey Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (the one in the picture). This was the third building he scaled in Abu Dhabi (I think he is really liking this place!!!!!!!). I was really wonder stuck when I read about this person. He has scaled around 70 such building in various parts of the world and has also been arrested once while attempting to climb the Petronas towers.

But the most interesting part is that this man is legally considered disabled at 66 per cent. Among other handicaps, Spiderman cannot rotate his wrists normally. He has a metal plate in his thigh, and he suffers from extreme vertigo due to a skull fracture he sustained during one of his stunts. Yet he has defied all medical expectations and continues to climb dizzying towers, with his body as his sole equipment, and a truckload of passion as his motivator.

It seems his heros are Zorro and Robin Hood. I sometimes wonder it the handicap which brings out the best in the people. May be it is that these people are trying to prove to the world that the handicap has not hindered their life in any way.

February 28, 2007

Sharda vs Bhavna

Don’t me mistaken ppl!!!!!!!! these are the names of 2 competing restaurants in Abu Dhabi. Both these restaurants serve Gujarathi food. I am just trying to blog my thoughts on these 2 restaurants. There is no conclusion that I am going to draw on the performance between the 2 hotels.

The very thought of a hotel will remind u of a menu book rather than a menu card running into several pages!!!!!!!. Well here u need not expect a lengthy menu card when u land there. people who donot like choices would like this place. Their menus are more or less fixed. There is this roti subji which has 4 rotis and a subji or there is this standard thali. They also have some chat items in the menu as well. I and my colleague whom I have referred to in my previous blogs is frequent in fact daily visitors there.

I have always wondered what differentiates these 2. They serve the same food, more or less the same taste, they charge the same price and both have a rigid menu. Then what is the difference between the 2??????? Well what I found was that in Bhavna the waiters are really silent. There is no confusion and absolute peace while we eat. They go abt doing their tasks efficiently while in Sharda it is total chaos especially during the afternoons where there is the maximum rush. Sitting in one table u will b able to know what sabji is being ordered by the other people in the dining hall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The waiters are running around shouting at top of their voices carrying the subji containers. During the entire course of the meal u r gripped by the fear one of the waiters may slip in his hurry and the whole subji would be on u!!!!

Now inspite of all this there is no dearth of customers in both these hotels. Both are crowed during the peak hours. Sometimes I feel it is a corporate strategy adopted by the hotels to show their differentiation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways whatever be their competition we will still like having their hot rotis and the subjis.