December 11, 2008

A great transformation!!!!!!!!

The shift from being a bachelor without commitments to a bachelor whose marriage is fixed is really a huge transformation. This too if it is happening in a matter of 2 to 3 days feels as if I am in some other world. My life is never the same since last Sunday morning. Till last Sunday there was no sense of direction, no particular person to think of and lots and lots of free thoughts. Ever since that fateful morning its been thoughts concentrated on a fixed date or fixed person.

I am sure this is what happens with all of us. Why is it that we humans behave in this manner when it comes to life partners? What makes a person so dear to one in a matter of few days or hours? You meet ur life partner, speak for few minutes and once decided u r speaking to each other as if u know each other for years. However while making friends that’s not the case. We speak to them cautiously, we evaluate them continuously and the relationship becomes strong only over a period of time.

I suppose this is the only relationship after a child-parent one which is fixed and strong right from the start. Even in case of Siblings, it is not always that they accept each other from the start. The elder sibling carries with it some apprehension about their younger siblings. They fear loss of attention and excise caution when dealing with them atleast during the initial years.

Well if u expect that I have answers to this then I am sorry. I am also passing through this particular phase of life and these doubts have crept into my mind since last week. I will definitely update my readers if I am able to find any answers. However if some one can provide me with some answers then yes you are most welcome!!!!!!!!!