September 28, 2007

Diet Diet Diet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of all the stuff in the world, the last thing i thought i would do (and also all those who knew me) was to go on Diet!!!!!! Well that exactly what i did last week. a friend and colleague of mine hooked me on to this diet called GM diet. it is a 7 day diet program which promises weight reduction and cleasing of the body's system.
on paper, this 7 day diet looked so easy as the best part was that there was no restricition on the quantity of food you could take during the entire program!!!!!!!! To top it, my friends were making fun of me saying that there is no food available in Abu dhabi since i started the program(the place where i am staying) and it made me wonder whether i am actually on diet?????????
Well anyways, the first 2 days of the diet were the most torturing days in my life. all i could think of was about the diet. i forgot about work, or entertainment and had headaches etc etc etc. At one stage i was almost dialling the number of the nearby hotel to order some subcontinent delicacy to relieve myself of this misery. But somehow i held on and completed the diet.
the result was at end of Day 7 i felt lighter and also very good. there was a sense of achievement. the feeling in those 7 days were actually comparable to that of a caged animal in a zoo. there is a limit within which u could move. i have seen animals in zoo, where quantity of food is not a matter but there is no choice. similarly in my case, quantity was not a matter but the type of food was. on any other given day we would not have bothered to have an all fruits/vegetables day (thats is day 1 & 2 of GM diet) for food. But when u r told to have only fruits that day then ur mind wants to rebel and say no to fruits.
so friends i think it is worthwile to undergo such a diet program once in a while to control your wild mind atleast from a food intake point of view.