August 13, 2007

All cities live the same life!!!!!!!!!!!!

All these days I was wondering what to write in my blog. It really difficult phase of blogging life that I am going through!!!!!! As one of my cousins put it I am going through the phase called Writer’s Block. Well anyways today the block is cleared and I have decided to write.

My recent visit to Egypt and Jordan was a really good experience to me both professionally and personally. I was in Amman and Cairo, both capitals of the countries. These 2 cities though very different in layout and population have many things in common. Infact I have come to realize that most of the cities of the so called developing nations are similar and live a same life. They may be inhabited by different people, these cities speak different languages and follow different cultures and traditions but they as I said have many things in common.

All these cities have high density of population; people do not have time to relax and are always on the move. The people complain about the lack of water or basic amenities, infrastructure, the traffic, the corruption etc etc ……. But still love the place and would do anything to stay in the city.

I don’t whether you ppl will agree to it but definetly I have felt this. if there are any other opinions please let me. By the way the photo is that of a taxi in Cairo. The beauty of this picture I feel is that this picture does not have a propotion. Neither do we the car in full or the road in full. But somehow I fell this picture symbolizes a typical city in any part of the world, a bustling, dusty city with traffic jams and this somehow reminds me of the city Mumbai!!!!!!!!!.