July 14, 2009

A Small Tribute!!!!!!!!!!

What has made Mc Donalds or Pepsi or Coke such famous brands across the world???? What’s the difference between a big Mac or a burger at your neighbourhood restaurant or for that matter Pepsi from a local cola brand???? Well i think it is the taste or so called "Standardization" in management terminology. Wherever you go u get the same taste or same quality burger or Pepsi tastes the same in any part of the world. Well i am not here to write a management doc on the success of Mc Donalds or Pepsi but to just draw comparison with the so called Giants of Standardization with a simple person in our office who works relentlessly everyday to serve our staff.
His name is Abdukka (dont know his actual name as we call him Abdukka!!!!!!!). He is an office assistant in our Head office and of his many tasks one of the main is to provide tea to all the staff. And this is where my comparison comes with the Standardisation giants. I have been drinking the tea prepared by him for nearly 4 years now and I find the tea having the same taste which I tasted when I joined. This thought can be verified with over nearly 50 staff who regularly drink the tea prepared by him. As mentioned, every tea tastes the same on any day, day after day.
Probably he has a secret formula for preparing tea. This tea is far superior than any of the tea prepared by our other colleagues. Whatever be it, this is a small tribute to that great man who has relentlessly served our staff for nearly 2 decades without change in quality. God only knows how many teas he has prepared in his life. It may be in thousands or even lakhs!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hats of to U Abdukka!!!!!!!!!!! U r really great……………