May 27, 2008

Is this home sickness?????

Home sickness is one of the common topics which is discussed amongst the expatriate population in UAE, especially if the group is bachelors or forced bachelors. "I feel Home Sick", " it all because of Home sickness" are common phrases u get to hear especially when a new person joins u or when u come across a gloomy face of ur friend. Now my post this time talks about home sickness. I have come across this situation several times when I leave UAE.

This thought on home sickness started when I left for Jordan for a business trip. As I write this, I am in Jordan and I feel I can exactly write what I am feeling now or rather what home sickness means to me know. Well to me if I say I am home sick, that means I am missing UAE, though actually home sickness would mean I would be missing my home back in India!!!!!!. This happens even when I am in India. Though I am happy that I am with my family or friends, there is something in the back of my mind which says I miss this place!!!!

This actually has got me thinking abt the meaning of home sickness. I feel the greatest contributor of Home sickness is not leaving behind families back home or anything of that sort. Yes they are contributors, but not in a big way, since communication technologies have become so advanced that u can still stay in touch with your families on a day to day basis, a far cry from what it was before.

So if communication helps us to keep in touch with our families no matter where we are, then what actually makes us home sick?????? According to me it is abt the attachment to the place where u live. It is always nice to c different places and get to know different cultures. But the moment you get used to living in a particular place, you tend to feel that the place is the best. You tend to miss the place whenever u r away from it. I wonder how many of u have noticed, in all films which have characters who are working abroad or r staying away from homes, the focus when they return home is not abt meeting their family, though it is an essential part of it. It is abt the way the character goes visiting his favourite place in his home town or how he spends time etc.

So friends, according to me very soon our perception of home sickness would be what I am facing now (for a temporary period!!!!!!!). I hope u agree with me