August 28, 2007

This is my 25th post, i.e Silver Jubilee Post. So i have to write something special. So i decided to write on one of the worlds most beautiful relationship i.e Mother Child relationship!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a relationship which, i am sure all of us will agree, is a very very special one. it is said that generally male child are more close to the Mother and Female child is more close to her father. Well i dont think it is true. whether it a male child or female child they are close to the mother. So am I.

Well lets come back to this post. This is inspired by few events which took place revolving around a particular colleague of mine. this particular person who is a mother of two had a if u can call, a very harrowing time for the last 2 weeks or so. This is because her children had gone to their home country for their vacation. The pain, sorrow and lonliness was there written on her face for the entire time.

Today her children have come back. The expression on her face was tottally changed. There a hint of wavering in his voice and moistness in her eyes when she talked to her kids on their arrival. the way she went about making arrangements for welcoming them was all very touching and frankly it reminded me of my mother and to an extent made me home sick!!!!!!!

Anyways thats it. To end i would like to thank god for creating such a relationship. And for those people who are put their parents in old age homes, or forget abt them please remember that your parents have spent sleepless nights for u or ruined their days because they were just missing you when u r away. The life always comes a full cycle.