January 17, 2007

CA Results

Today is a very special day for thousands of people in India. Some would want to remember this day for ever and some would want to forget this day for ever. Today is the day when CA results have been declared. This event happens twice a year. Such days fulfill or destroy the dreams of many.

At this point, I would like to congratulate all those who have earned the permission to add the initial “CA” before their name (I have deliberately termed the word as “earned” because these 2 letters have to be earned and cannot be bought). It is similar to earning a Doctor degree. I would also like to wish all those who have not been able to come through ‘All the best” for the next attempt. I would advise them not to get disheartened (though it is hard) and strive hard to come out victorious the next time.

The worst part of this entire thing, I would say, is the waiting for the results. The tension and frustration starts a week before the ‘D’ day. You don’t know what to do, u brain doesn’t work and if u have a broadband connection at home or u have access to internet at office, then u have had it. You would be refreshing the results site every 5 mins, a week before, just to check if the results are out though u know that it will not have come. But that’s the way it is, how much ever u try the tension gets the better of u.

I still remember clearly the days when I was waiting for the final results. I had got through the 1st group in the first attempt and was hoping to get through in the second attempt. All the result hopefuls were huddled together in a separate room in our Chartered Accountant office. We had not done any work for nearly a week before the results. The principals must have understood our plight (I guess!!!!!!) as they did not ask us to go for work. The results were expected to be declared at 2 pm on the‘d ‘day and it was like 2 PM would never come. The every 5min checking of the site was reduced to every 2 mins. Finally the results came and by God’s grace I got through. It was a day I would never forget. I called my parents and gave them the happy news. As much as I was happy on my clearing the exam, I was equally sad as some of my friends were not able to get through.

So friends, the moral of the story is that CA course is a package. It’s a course which is easy to enter but difficult to exit. It gives u happiness and sorrow and by the time u r thru with course, u come out as a tough, mentally strong human being.

January 15, 2007



Now if you want to me to explain why I have chosen this topic to post, then here is why. It all started yday when my room mate and myself were in the kitchen making tea. As usual I was on a high, blabbering away in Malayalam, Hindi, English and occasional Konkani (to the great discomfort of my roommate!!!!!!!!!). So he requested me to keep my mouth shut for 5 min. I heeded to his requested and kept quiet for around 6 min. It’s those six minutes of silence that has prompted me to write this post.

What is silence?
  • The condition or quality of being or keeping still and silent.
  • A period of time without speech or noise
These are some of the definitions which I got when I browsed through Answers.com. But this was not the case with me. Even though there was no noise outside there was no silence in my mind. It was really difficult for me to keep myself from speaking out loud. I was feeling like a balloon, inflated beyond its capacity, ready to burst. I don’t remember what all thoughts went through my mind in those few minutes. No hand signals or head shakes could remove or pacify that feeling. After around 6 to 7 min, it was unbearable and I started speaking. But to my amazement, instead of speaking loudly and frantically, I was speaking softly for the next few minutes.

Well this is what answers.com has to say about the phenomenon that I experienced:

“Prolonged silence can often affect a person's state of mind, causing them to hear things and talk to themselves to break the silence. Most people find silence uncomfortable, and to the extreme, unbearable. In modern society, especially in the western society, when people are meeting and talking to each other, people often start talking nonsense to skip moments of silence. People seem to have the same feeling all over the world, “

I wonder how it would be for people who are dumb. What would they be experiencing? Anyways, I thank god for whatever he has given me and also pray that no one ever passes through such a situation.

Well I know its not the kind of posts which u would like to read, but I thought I had to express my views somewhere and so this post.